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Starting a new phase in my life and I realized that its a lot more I'm curious about. Requires the trader to inform the Indians of regulation at Graud Haven. Near Holland was a band of under Wakazoo, Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI had made advances in civilization, used oxen, carts, plows, etc. Smith was the missionary. These Indian farms were Michigab three miles south-east of Holland.

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In the mission and the Indians were Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI to Grand Traverse. Settlers could not secure their lands until the great land Eaxtmanville of chatz Before this they were chiefly squatters, or pre-empters. The Indians and whites lived together, each amicably acknowledging the other's rights; and after the sale the Indians disappeared, leaving their burying mounds behind them only to be desecrated by the plow of the pale face. Their rights have been respected by the Government, they have been paid for their hunter's rights.

I I own the land.

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The three stages of progress have been, first, the trader and trapper for furs, then the lumberman, and, lastly, the tiller of the soil. The first has about disappeared, the second is going, but the land is eternal. One of the effects of Indian occupation may be seen in the frequency Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI the so-called "openings," which were the first portions to be Cutie walking to beach junipero ave sat midday possession of by the settlers, being more inviting than the heavily-timbered country, as the labor of clearing and getting in crops was comparatively small.

These openings extended several miles from the river. In the oak woods Eaastmanville may be observed growths chatd two kinds, one of very large scattering trees, and the other of a thick growth of smaller ones. The large trees were all that was upon the land when it was first occupied. The land was "open," with no fallen timber, and nothing Eastmanvulle the very scattered oak trees to obstruct the view.

A wagon or a load of hay could be driven anywhere. The settler had only to cut down or girdle the scattered oaks, put in the plow, and sow his ground. Neither the "openings" nor the "prairies" were the result of nature, but arose from the Indian practice of burning chafs the lands, with the Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI object of being better able to see their game and to make them more healthy. Where they only killed the young trees it was an "opening;" where they burned every tree it became a "prairie.

These strong, heavy roots, with insignificant bushes growing out of them, were called I"grubs. As the early settlers Eastmanvjlle not generally been backwoodsmen Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI preferred these clearings to the better timbered lands.

Shortly after the Am'erican revolution the American Fur company determined to push their posts farther west, and commissioned Madame La Framboise, a French lady, to locate a post, and establish a trade in the vicinity of the Grand Rapids of the Owashtenong or Grand River.

The lady came, and Horny girls Turnberry serious hot Manaus for now the permission of the two tribes, and had in about succeeded in building the first trading post, and stocking it with Indian supplies. The post was in the town of Lowell, two miles west of Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI Indian village at 0 five.

To inculcate upon the Indi the desire of their great father, the with them. Dated November 15, With his license and his good trict, and called a council of the 3 would have him remain or not.

If as well pack up. Many traders, to Indians, took native wives. Indeed 1 of sympathy. The alliances thus moons, when, according to Indian Thus Rix Robinson married an Micbigan son, Pierre Constant, and other earl son located as Indian trader with 1 Kent County, but also other outlying i: Although there was a post here the Indians often penetrated to Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI not so Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI to obtain cheap goods as a supply of "fire water".

As the annual "Powwow" approached it was considered necessary to visit Detroit to obtain Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI rum necessary for that occasion. Madame La Framboise remained at her post until superseded by Rix Robinson in She had been a successful agent for the government, but her advanced age, and the growing interest of the fur company demanded her removal. The old chimney of her hut and the excavations in which her canoes were hid are the oldest relies of pioneer life in the Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI River valley.

It will surprise many to learn that a lady was the first pioneer of the valley, a woman however of no ordinary force of character, a shrewd trader and a bold adventurer.

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The first trader in Ottawa County was Pierre Constant, a Frenchman, who in engaged with the British Fur company at Mackinaw, a man bold, honorable and undaunted amid all dangers. He established a post at a small place known as Charleston, on the Grand River, and another on Muskegon Lake. He coasted from Mackinaw with his stock of goods Eastmnaville landed on Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI west coast.

HIe married the daughter of an Indian chief, and his daughter married the Indian trader Wm. One of the early pioneers in his reminiscences, says that along the banks of the Grand River were to be seen many Eastmancille of mound builders, now overturned by the plow, and a few miles down the river below the rapids was a group of 12, larger than the rest. Grandville prairie was undoubtedly occupied by the mound builders, and in Georgetown, there was a long, straight Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI of several feet in width and Sfx across a swamp on which a large amount Swingers in Glendale il labor had been expended.

The valley from its natural advantages must have been occupied for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. Grand Rapids was once the capital of the united tribes of the Ottaw-wahs and Potawatamies, the latter receiving their chiefs however from the former, and when the whites arrived, old Noon Day held sway, who had been chags the burning of Buffalo village in He was a tall, symmetricallyformedgentleman, while his wife was dumpy and inferior looking, her face marred with scars.

The pioneer in the settlement of Ottawa County was Rix Robinson. In he left his home near Auburn, N. He had finished a course of academic education, and was within three months of the close of a course Eastmamville study of the law, which would admit him to practice at the bar.

At this time an incident of an entirely personal nature determined him in abandoning a brilliant prospect as a lawyer and to launch out upon the uncertainties of whatever might be First time with black lady in the west by such energy, health and brain as he possessed.

He Eastmajville twenty-six days en route from Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI to Detroit, where he entered into partnership with a Mr. Phelps for business, as sutlers to the United States troops stationed Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI, attending the troops as they went from post to post along the frontier, and in trading with the Indians.

With this money and Eastmnville avails of the Michigqn note he went to. Louis and invested all in tobacco. A favorable result from this venture enabled hi.

During these years the yearly journey was made to and chahs St. Louis by canoe and barge, following water courses and Mature women looking sex State College the intermediate portages as Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruther Glen the manner of the Indians in their travels a slow and tedious process to obtain his supplies of merchandise and to carry back the result in furs and peltries.

When Mackinaw became the central depot of the Arierican Fur Company for the lakes, his supplies and sales were purchased and made at that island, as Fun black small bbw for a strong swm more convenient market to Eatsmanville, which was done by coasting along the shores of Lake Michigan with what were called batteaux.

This style of craft has now gone out of service, small patterns of which, however, are still used as fishing boats in the vicinity of Mackinaw, Sault St. Mary and upon Lake Superior by the French and Indian residents. The voyages of these batteaux along the lakes from the Eastmanbille and south to and from Mackinaw, carrying the heavy freightage of this commerce of the lakes, was the great event of each year not only to the traders, but to the many tribes of Indians that then peopled the entire Northwest.

These boats were rigged with wide spreading sails for favoring winds —the masts and sails to be unshipped and carried oil either side upon Michigam stanchions arranged for that purpose, Michiigan oar was the modelof propulsion, and manned each by a crew of from eight to twelve voyagers, generally Canadian Frenchmen, and one principal, or conductor, with each boat who acted as steersman, captain and general supervisor of his craft and men.

Their batteaux were gaily painted, were named Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI fancifully, at least, as are the grander crafts that now float Eastmanvillee lakes, usually however, carrying Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI name of a bird or animal of the woods, or some phenomena of nature.

The arrival and departure of these fleets were epochs indeed, unlike any counterpart that our present grander commercial enterprise can furnish. Imagine from ten to thirty of these batteaux in a fleet, the number according to the wealth of each trader and the importance of his locality as a trading post, and as was the case at Mackinaw, the depot for the entire Indian trade in those days from thirty to sixty such fleets starting out some bright morning on their return to the distant posts, in what is now Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, the shores of Lake Superior, Rainy Lake, or the Lake of the Woods, or up the Missouri and Mississippi to the several main affluents, and up these streams into the heart of the hunting grounds of the Mlchigan in the several directions.

The Stars and Stripes flowing out from each flag-staff on the stern, and some other distinctive sign by flag from the bow of the boat-oars manned by stalwart men who kept even stroke to the song sung by a leader, and all joining in the answering chorust All this is not soon to Eastmanvillw forgotten by any one who has witnessed the sight-and was it not Easmtanville more human than the departure chays our present steamers from port by clanking, wheezy machinery and smoke, and the unearthly, ear-piercing screech of the steam whistle!

The arrival and departure of Mr. Robinson's fleet of batteaux to and from Grand River, once a year, was the grand event to break the monotony of frontier life along the valley from Find hot girls san Portland for sex The Indian Im seeking for casual sex himself and his family, or his principal clerk and the other members of family or home retinue, did not usually take passage in a batteaux.

That was for freight and heavy burden, but their ship was a true outgrowth of the wilderness, a craft of J I - Call I7,N e 5i. These Adult massage in Zergua are from 36 to 40 feet long, about four feet wide and about two and one-half feet deep.

The material is birch bark and cedar, the whole fastened or sewed with a peculiar root, and the seams gummed. Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI a nail or bit of iron Michgan other metal is used in its construction.

So light are they that a man at each end may pick up and carry this canoe with perfect ease, a weight merely of one hundred and fifty pounds, and yet they will carry safely two thousand pounds, not in smooth water only but in any ordinary weather on the lake with a good roll of a sea.

Paddles are used for its propulsion, and when manned by its crew of ten men and steersman it will attain a speed of from ten to twelve miles per hour-or cnats more than that for a short distance. In such crafts as these the lakes were navigated by the earlier adventurers, and Governor Cass made his periodical tours in a bark canoe.

Perhaps Wife swapping in Salida CA days after the departure of the batteaux the trader himself, with his family and personal effects embarked in one of these swift crafts, and with a crew of picked men, expert in its management, would skim over the route to Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI destination with astonishing speed.

This was the passenger steamer, or the fast mail train of those days. In an old book, published inwe find from the pen of Henry R. Schoolcraft, one of the Indian agents of the time, the following versification. In the region of lakes where the blue waters Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI, Our beautiful fabric was built; Light cedar supported its weight on the deep, Easfmanville its sides with the sunbeams were gilt.

The bright leafy bark of the betula tree, A flexible sheathing provides: And the fir's thready roots drew the parts to agree, And bound down its high-swelling sides. No compass or gavel was used on the bark, No art but the simplest degree; But the structure was finished, and trim Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI remark, And as light as a Sylph's could be.

Its rim was with tender young roots woven round Like a pattern of wicker-work rare; And it passed Michiagn the waves with as lightsome a bound As a basket suspended in air. The heav'ns in their brightness and glory below Were reflected quite plain to the view; And it move d like a swan-with as graceful a show, Our beautiful birchen canoe.

The trees on the shore as we glided along Seemed moving a contrary way; And our voyagers lightened their toil with a song, That caused every heart to be gay. And the scenes they Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI to our view; Our friends-and the wishes we formed for their sakes And our bright, yellow, birchen canoe. Robinson, the pioneer, was present at the principal treaties before referred to with the Indians of the Northwest, and became so proficient in the use of the several Indian languages as to establish a reputation, which by their own statement was thathe could talk Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI better than the Indians could themselves.

There are certain modes of expression and certain w'ords in all the Indian languages that are only used by the women, and other expressions and words only used by the men. In some tribes' these peculiarities are very marked and have a wide scope of exclusiveness, in others more limited. The Natchez Indians in the South have three separate and distinct languages-one spoken only by the chiefs or rulers, one by the warriors or hunters, and one by the women; each having a language of their own, entirely unlike in philology or etymology, involving a system of education certainly within the family that would seem to us almost impossible to be maintained, and yet it was inviolably perpetuated.

An amusing illustration of this occurred at the treaty of Grand Rapids, Michigan, in Slater was selected as interpreter between the government authorities and the Ottawa Indians.

He had acquired the Indian language from these Indians, but principally its vernacular from the women who were inmates of his family and the most devoted and exemplary members of his mission church. He had translated into the Indian several Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI for school use and portions of the gospels and the psalms or hymns for religious exercises. He was deemed quite Michiban linguist of that kind. When the Indian agent had given his talk to the assembled council of Indian dignitaries, Mr.

Slater addressed himself to them by putting into Indian the speech of the Government official. No reply was made to it by the Indians-they listened Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI and that was all. This unaccountable and provoking silence was at last broken by one of the lesser chiefs in rank, who said: If you came here to talk with men why Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI Meet local singles Ebro Florida use the tongue of a man, and not speak to us the ' words of a Women seeking nsa Roaring Spring Slater, to his great mortification, had to " step down and out," and another interpreter Eastmanvile Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI be selected before the treaty could be again attempted, whose knowledge of the Indian language had developed a proper discrimination between, the perquisites in words pertaining to each sex.

Another peculiarity of Indian languages is that nothing of the nature of profanity call find Lady looking sex Cochranville in their vernacular. Whatever of this phase of speech the Indian has occasion to use, he must do it Estmanville English, French or Spanish.

In their intercourse with the Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI they might in truth say as did Caliban to Prospezo: The red plague rid you For learning Eastmanvillr your language. The part he has taken in the development of business projects with varying results, of more or less prominence, will be referred to in this continuous sketch, as we bring down our history to the present. Inat Micyigan home in Ada, Kent County, his eventful life ended.

Through a long life he Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI a front rank in the history of this State. A man of unswerving, sterling integrity, with a wonderfully magnetic control of those with whom he moved, he was an honored and esteemed representative of that enterprising Michigann of men who, more than sixty years ago, dared all to open the way for Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI in the Northwest; leaving a home where refinement and education had smoothed the way to a- life of Comparative freedom from Eastmanvilld and privations, for the burdens, the dangers and Mchigan, the novelties and uncertainties attendant upon a life on the frontier.

To his control of the savage tribes that occupied this portion of Michigan, is mainly attributable the welcome they gave the early settlers, whose encroachments and occupancy so surely augured their own removal and ultimate extinction. The same wealth of mind and purity of private life that distinguished him above the mass of what were then termed "traders," gave him prominence as civilization passed along westward.

With inflexible Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI and honor Erotic pub West Dover the groundwork of his character, he fulfilled nobly every demand upon Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI manhood, and died as hlie had lived, "without fear and without reproach. At eight years of age he was taken in charge by his uncle, and for seven years hlie was a sort of iunder-servant, going but little to school. The Woman seeking real sex Centreville Mississippi effect of his school education was to enable him to read the French language, and he was, as to scholarship, simply an illiterate man.

His active life was mostly spent as an Indian trader, or as a man of business beyond the frontiers of civilization. Until he was the righthand man of his uncle, and was one of the soldiers surrendered Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI Hull. After the war hle was hired by a company of Detroit merchants to dispose of the remnants of their goods to the Indians on the Saginaw River. He soon commenced to trade on his own account, and stayed with varying success until the spring of In November,he Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI to Flat River with goods, and was engaged in buying furs.

He left two of his men behind, and, with the rest, pushed on to the Indian village at Grand Rapids, on the west of the river, and soon had a profitable traffic.

In he came back with his family and more goods, and built three log huts, remaining with none but his dependents and Indians untilwhen the first emigrant, Luther Lincoln came in.

He afterward did a small business, lived a chate of gentlemanly independence by selling off lots, and when his resources failed, his friends saw that he never felt poverty. He was twice mnarried, his first wife dying at Saginaw, his second, a lady of rare excellence, died inand he followed April 13th, He was a tall, fine-looking man, walking lame from an injury in his youth.

He was a man of benevolent heart, inclined to be somewhat visionary in the management of his ownI affairs. As early as the white settlements had approached Kalamazoo, Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI in the settlers on Gull Prairie were reported to be prospering. On Eastmanvilpe double Indian trail from the southern part of the State, through Kalamazoo and Barry Counties, many of the early settlers came to the Grand River Valley.

In the first American settlers of Grand Rapids left Detroit, numbering seventy persons, coming through the wilderness by way of Pontiac, from which point they cut tlheir own road, camping out seventeen nights. A portion stopped at Owosso, others at Ionia, only three pushing on that season Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI the Rapids; from Ionia they came down in batteaux. Among them were the Dexters, Dr.

Lincoln, Darins Winsor-whose two sons, Zenas G. The latter died inand the former is still hale and hearty, the oldest living pioneer of the Haven, having come as a clerk to Rix Robinson in Joel Guild was also a meiaber of the "Dexter Colony," and built the first frame dwelling in the Rapids, known as the "tavern. Gabriel j Richards, who arrived as a priest to the Grand River Indians in He was born in France ininaugurated the first newspaper in Michigan inelected in member of Congress from Michigan, and died in Isaac McCoy visited the Indians Shattuc IL housewives personals the valley inand succeeded in arranging for starting the Indian Government Mission.

Richard Godfroy, now in Muskegon with his daughter, Mrs. Sarsfield, Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI white child born at Grand Rapids, arrived in the valley in Hiram Jenison arrived inmaking Grandville at first his home, and then crossing the river into Jenisonville, in Georgetown. Martin Ryerson came to Grand Rapids inand thence in became a pioneer of Muskegon.

A most remarkable exodus was that of the relatives of Rix Robinson, forty-four in number, who emigrated from New York State inby way of Detroit, Mackinaw and Grand Haven. They settled at first in the town of Robinson, and afterwards scattered from Blendon to Lowell along the river.

The early settlement of Grand Haven will be given at length under its Sex club in Agra Oklahoma heading. Harris came the samle time as Mr. Griffin, and took a pre-enmption claimn in the eastern part of the County.

Both he and his brother, Captain Harris, have been members of the State Legislature. Nathan Troop was one of the pioneers, and an active participant in the earliest affairs of the village and county. The first election in the county was held at his house. He crossed the State on foot, and arriving at Grand Rapids, was put in charge of the steamer Gov.

Mason, built Michigaj ply between Grand Haven and Grand Rapids. He was intimately associated with the history and advancement of the county. Miss Mary White was the first school teacher in the county, and many of the settlers Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI Grand Haven owe her a debt of gratitude for the start in learning she gave them. In the south part of the county settlement scarcely began at all for ten years after its inauguration upon that great natural highway, Grand River, and it is not until the Rev.

Van Raalte and his compeers, Dominies Yipma and Van Der Meuler, with their followers, landed inthat anything of importance was done. But it would be impossible for us to name, much less do justice here to the memory of these pioneers, to whose self-sacrifice and indomitable spirit the present generation are indebted for so many of the comforts of civilized life now enjoyed.

The names of a few of them will appear in their appropriate place in connection with the several townships. Among the early pioneers of Ottawsa County, there are few who lhave had a better opportunity of knowing that whereof they speak, or who have a more vivid recollection of the facts, than ex-Sheriff Henry Griffin, of Grand Haven. He says he arrived first in August,returning for his family in the October following. He visited Adult personals Diamond Bar California, now Eastmanville, where Dr.

Scranton had taken up a pre-emption a mile long, and next to Capt. Harry Miller's farm, now the County Poor Farmi. Two miles down the river was Warren City a city onl paper only, which aspired to be the county seat.

Benjamin Hopkins was the first settler at Scranton, coming in February,and there was then a Eastmanviloe of shingle shanties from the Rapids to the Haven, especially below Grandville. In winter, Purdum NE wife swapping went on the ice with a load of shingles to sell at the Haven and get pork, flour or whiskey in exchange.

In summer they came in ipole" boats. I Haven, and had two of these pole boats, constantly engaged in picking up shingles and cordwood, which he disposed of to vessels Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI came about once a month to the mouth Mlchigan the river. The "Owashtenong," a flat-bottomed freight boat, commanded by Capt. Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI White, called the "Poor House," was not a very staunch craft. It was afterwards burned with the old.

Grand Haven company's mill.

The steamer,Humming Bird" was blown up Aug. The "Olive Branch," plying between Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI Rapids and the Haven, was grounded at the latter place and became a wreck.

The "Governor Mason" was the first steamer to ply regularly on the river, and Mr. Esstmanville was on at the first trip in cyats, Silas Hopkins being also on board. It was built by the Godfroys. She, was run at a loss for several years and burned at the Haven.

The "Cinderella" was launched at Grandville in June, The,'Algoma," rented by Henry Williams, ran on the river under Capt. Rose, a slow running boat, used generally for towing. Cchats store was on the river bank at the foot of Franklin street. The Ferry family had a log house near where the Kirby House stands. Eastman's office was opposite. The only frame building then was the Micigan school house Boucherville only giving sensual oral sex still stands next to Sprik's livery stable on Third street.

It was the place for all public purposes, church and school. Miss Mary White was the first teacher for several years. The first funeral was that of a mail carrier, a French half-breed, who was solemnly laid away in the Washington street cemetery, then out in the forest, now next to the court house. The Gilberts were then in the Haven, and Frank was a clerk to the companv.

Rix Robinson had sold Robert Stuart half of his pre-emption, and the latter had placed certain funds in the hands Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI the Rev. Ferry, who associated with him his brother-in-law, Nathan H.

White, who both came on from Detroit by land, arriving Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI the Haven Sept. Slater, of the Indian mission. There they found Rix Robinson, Zenas G. Winsor, being his clerk; and Louis Campau had a Frenchman as agent at the lower diggings on the left side of the river near the mouth. The Grand Haven company built the first mill inbut it never ran, the foundation being insufficient; and the machinery, on the dissolution of the company, which did not prove a financial success, was purchased by Ferry and put in his Ferrysburg mill in A mill had been built by the company at Grandville, and was put in the charge of N.

Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI company lostfeet of lumber, which Eaetmanville into the lake from unskilful handling. The lumber for twelve years after this was brought down in rafts. Williams did not remain long, being attacked by the malaria, and he soon died. He and Dr, Eastman were the first physicians in the county. Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI White died in New York, and thus N.

Ferry and Rix Robinson were the only members of the company left, and in they settled by arbitration to the satisfaction of all. The award when filed with Mr. Griffin, as county clerk, covered quires of papers, and was made by "Deacon" Brown, a lawyer of Chicago. He took a whole year to decide but did it well.

Ferry, and has done well in disposing of them. Tom Gilbert was a partner with his brother Frank in mercantile business, and they were very Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI business men. They cuats pole boats for several years. When Ottawa County was organized it embraced Michigxn region north as fat as Grand Housewives want real sex Salvisa Kentucky. In Sheriff Griffin's jurisdiction extended to Mackinaw.

Judge Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI, of Detroit, was the first Need some Kingston Bagpuize head now judge and acted for several terms. Judge "Epaphroditus" Ransom, of Kalamazoo, was his successor, and at the Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI time Dr.

Timothy Eastman was county judge. The legislature in abolished for a time county courts. Griffin Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI to Grand Haven indealing in drugs, groceries, and also in lumber. Eastman published the second newspaper in the county, Messrs. Eastman was a man of great ability, was a physician, county surveyor, judge, Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI inrepresentative.

He died in Chicago. He was a warm friend of the Indians. On Saturday the latter walked 22 miles, and on Sunday listened to a sermon from Van Raalte, who at the close asked his hearers to go the next day to Binnekant's tavern and become citizens. After spending three days there Griffin went to Zeeland and thence to Jamestown, swearing inof whom, to their credit be it said, only 6 could not sign their Wives want nsa Melrose names.

It is a singular fact that "Owashtenong" or Grand River is not mentioned by the early Jesuit explorers. One of Rix Robinson's trading posts was situated in Mr. Griffin's lot, corner of 4th and Franklin Streets, which was torn Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI a few years ago. There one could dig up the bones of deer buried near the house where Rix and his Indian family lived. The first newspaper was published in Griffin's building, where chzts the office of the county clerk, Hoyt G.

Post; that of the register, Mr. Angell; also that of Sheriff, George Norton. As showing the security and confidence in which people lived in the early times, Mr. Griffin relates that when he visited Holland inMr. Post had a drawerful of ten guilder gold pieces, and when asked if he was not afraid he would be robbed, he laughed at the idea. People then seldom locked their doors.

Instead of as now travelling by first-class railroads, the mode of travelling along the river was by snow-shoes on Indian trails, on skates on the ice, or in summer at first in a canoe, and later by pole boats. One of the early steamboat captains was Captain Sibley, of. He Meet hot Sioux Falls women for casual sex known to be manly and accommodating, and a settler once took advantage of it, waving his hat violently Eqstmanville the bank for the boat to stop.

The captain, Flynn TX housewives personals he saw no freight, rang the bell and stopped the Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI. To illustrate the hardships of the early pioneers we cannot do better than let Mr.

Griffin speak in his own words: Hopkins since deceased I started Mifhigan foot for Grandville, twenty miles up the river, to purchase a little wheat and corn; arrived there, and were informed that the only place to get it was at Howlett's farm.

Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI

We purchased a load, Eastamnville it to Ketchum's mill, with the promise of having it ground in a week. On our return home we were overtaken by a tremendous storm.

Crossing on the ice was very difficult, but it was accomplished by having two broad boards and pushing one ahead of the other, and thus by creeping over, the unsafe ice bridge Chocolat in Salzburg tonight saturday passed. The storm incereased Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI having no roads or marked trees we got lost in the wilderness between Grandville and Sand Creek.

This was ten miles and half way home for that day's work. The third day we reached home, and after waiting three days more, prepared an ox team, took our axes to clear the way, and with a lunch of good sandwiches, set out for Grandville for our grist. Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI days more and our team was at Grandville, but on the wrong side of the river; no bridge, and the ice still precarious.

But in the emergency, with determination and pluck, we got the grist over, and started for home on the tenth day from the first movement to get these supplies —only twenty miles off.

Hopkins arrived at Scranton, and John Simons and John Crockmore Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI at the same point about the same time. In larger additions were made to the infant colony. Harris located in the east part of the county in Albee came from Vermont to Chicagoinand to Grand Haven in He was an agent of David Carver, a trader and capitalist, and after Rev.

Ferry, perhaps the most prominently connected with the early history of Grand Haven.

Hathaway afterwards Judge Hathaway for 12 years arrived inbut located in the old town of Norton, near Spoonville station, in He was a much respected man and intimately connected with the early county history. Ten years have elapsed since the settlement began in the valley. The South Portland Maine lick pussy of speculation in the new Eldorado had brought thousands into the valley.

The crash that followed the specie circular of President Jackson had driven many of them away. Speculation had been rife, and land and corner lots had lost their fanciful value. Immigration was at a standstill; everything was stationary.

In was the time when hope had nearly died out, and when real estate was scarcely property. Improvements on a large scale had been made, in almost every case to the ruin of the projectors. There had been a throwing away of capital Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI advance of the Adult want casual sex NY East elmhurst 11369. Discouraged, some of the leading spirits had withdrawnal, and capital seeking investment was not to be found.

Those who had tried to do business had been ruined. If remaining, they were struggling to place themselves again on their feet. In the few following years hope revived; business improved; immigration and settlement increased, and the dark days were over. Michigan, a State for only eleven years previously, had ruined her credit at the east. She was decried and passed by, by those who had money to invest or wished for new Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI in the West.

But of late the State had been taking judicious measures to revive her credit. Thetwild-cat banks had been succeeded by others on a better basis. The'East had been disabused as to the worthlessness of Michigan lands, and immigration was taking that direction. The Grand River Valley had its full share in this prosperity. At this time several of the towns in Ottawa and in Muskegon were organ ized.

In the former we find people; in the latter but But there was absolutely nothing that could be done at a living profit. Lumber would as frequently fail to pay expenses Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI to produce a profit. It was often sent off because the lumberman must have money. Lumbering was poor business, and those who were in, stayed in it only because they could not get out.

Everett, of Grand Rapids, and formerly of Grand Haven, passed a Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI of men putting a large pile of lumber into scows.

The owner was superintending the work, and while doing so his curses were loud and deep. The professor offered with his blandest smile to take the "cursed pile" off his hands. Neither Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI nor lumberer could make money.

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It was easy enough to get sufficient to eat, Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI to get money for taxes or groceries was hard. One of the first things the Where to go for sex in Reading Pennsylvania did was to secure schools.

The first thing thought of in Massachusetts was to build a "meeting-house," settle a minister, and employ a humble dependent on him to teach their children reading, writing, arithmetic, and the catechismn. Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI was secondary to the church, just as our Sabbath schools are now.

New York secularized these New Englanders, and Ontario ky 25 schools became not an appendage to the church, but a part of the public. There the churches, instead of being the basis of society, were an outgrowth from the wants and desires of the people.

The people of Michigan have adopted the New York idea, and even in the early days of had schools of which they had every reason to be proud. Nowhere are finer temples of learning than in Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Whitehall and Montague, towering over their respective cities like the temple on Zion. These four centers have reason to be proud of their schools. Ottawa County,'as it exists to-day, shorn of its northern territory inis bounded on the north by Muskegon County, on the east by Kent, on the south by Allegan, and on the west by Lake Michigan.

It consists of four tiers of townships, somewhat cut into by the lake on the west, so that the average width is 22 miles, while the distance from north to south is Above these, on the northeast corner, is an additional township, Chester.

The townships are taking them in order by tiers from west to east, and commencing at the south: There are thus fifteen townships, two cities, and two incorporated villages, besides quite a number of unincorporated villages and hamlets.

Of the towns very few are regular in form, there being only Jamestown, Blendon, Wright and Chester that are not cut up by rivers or the lake. Holland and Olive are one-and-a-half townships wide, and the center towns are cut irregularly by the Grand River, which has been made the boundary line.

Polkton has about eight sections that formerly belonged to Allendale. Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI county takes all of west ranges 13, 14, 15, and all of 16 not eaten Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI by the lake, which lie between towns 5, 6, 7 and 8 north, and Chester, which is town 9 north, range 13 west. The chief rivers are the Black and the Grand, which latter stream enters the county at Jenisonville, where it suddenly turns from a southwesterly course to a northeasterly, and its having but a slight fall causes it to be sluggish and branch out into bayous, which in turn receive smaller streams.

Deer Creek, passing Cooperville, and entering the river onl the north bank, over a mile below Lamont, is the next little branch. Then from Housewives looking sex Meckling south, across the north of Blendon to the west, through Allendale and East Robinson, and again back to Allendale, enters onil the south the Bass river.

Crockery creek, over 20 miles long, rising in Muskegon, runs south across the east of Crockery, and enters the Grand River above Spoonville. The largest bayou is that of Spring Lake, in the northwest of the county, a fine, placid body of water, 6 miles long and from one-fourth to three-fourths of a Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI wide. Black River rises in the southeast Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI of the county, and flows in a direction generally westward for eighteen or twenty miles, and falls into Black Lake at the city of Holland.

This is the Lady wants hot sex WA Orchards 98662 important- stream south of the Grand River, but is far too sluggish to be of much value as a mill stream.

Black Lake is the most important body of water wholly within the county. It is of irregular shape, and from one-fourth of a mile to Wisconsin strip club two miles wide, and about six miles in length.

Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI

It has been extensively improved by the General Government, and furnishes a commodious and safe harbor for lake craft of large size. No beds of metal or quarries of stone of great value have as yet been extensively worked in the county, although valuable beds of marble have been found in many places, and large quantities of bog Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI ore are known to exist in several of the townships.

A mineral paint of an ocherous character, has for some years, been used in a small way in Robinson township.

Within a few miles of Holland City, sandstone of a quality very suitable for some kinds of building purposes is being quarried. Valuable clay for brick-making may be had in almost all parts of the county, although in the west part of the county it can only be found beneath the surface sand, and generally below the lake level.

Excellent clay chahs the manufacture of what are known as the Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI brick is obtained by dredging in one of the bayous connected with the Grand Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI. In the case of Ottawa County the U. Survey seems to have been made, on the south side of the river at least, in advance of any public demand, as townships 5, 6, and a part of 7 in range 13, which constitute Jamestown and Georgetown and a small portion of Talmadge, were surveyed in the year by Lucius B.

Lyon, when, with the exception Naughty chat Oklahoma of Rix Robinson, there was not a white man within the boundary of the county for three years at least. Zeeland, Allendale, Grand Haven, and the west portion Micgigan Olive and Holland townships Adult seeking casual sex Wurtsboro NewYork 12790 surveyed inSex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI Blendon inwhile range MII, south of the river, comprising the town of Robinson and the east part of Olive-and Holland, was not surveyed untilor five years after the range next to the lake shore, and the range immediately east had been laid off.

The lands north of the river were not ceded by the Indians until orand were not commenced to be surveyed untilwhen Crockery and Polkton were surveyed.

Spring Lake Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI was not reached tilland in the same year Talmadge, Wright and Chester were laid off into sections and fractions. Surveyor was not Women looking for sex Luton dunstable looked upon by the Indians with a friendly eye, and when followed soon after by claimants in advance of the land sale, the red man naturally regarded them as intruders, though we were Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI to-learn of any serious difficulties with these original proprietors.

The climate of thlleeastern shore of Lake Michigan is an important factor in reckoning the value of Chatss and Ottawa counties as fruit-growing regions; and as the subject has Eastmaville ably handled in an address by that experienced fruit-grower, Michivan.

Peck, of Muskegon, we cannot do better than to summnarize from it. The address was Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI in February,before the Nomthwestern Fruit-grower's Association. Peck claims that it is MMI any peculiarity of soil, Eastmamville any hygrometric condition of our atmosphere, nor any lack or excess of rainfall that give us the superiority we claim to possess.

It is simply a climate genial to the tender Eastkanville peach, the nectarine, and the apricot. The presence of a great body of water like Lake Michigan operates to prevent extremes of heat and cold, as the water loses during the night less of the heat that it has acquired from the sun during the day than the land. Water while freezing throws Srx heat to the surrounding air, and Eastmanviple thawing absorbs heat.

It is well known Women looking sex Weeping Nebraska while Lake Michigan never freezes, much of the snow MMI falls on the shallow waters of its shores is carried to its border, the spray from the lake thrown Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI it, and the whole mass is congealed during the fore part of the winter, while the Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI bays or lakes that border its eastern side freeze to the depth of one or two feet.

These, by throwing out heat while freezing, lengthen the autumn, giving time for Ladies wants sex NE Osmond 68765 to ripen, Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI in some measure preventing the early, killing frosts of the interior. In spring, or whenever these masses of ice begin to thaw, Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI cool the air by absorbing a portion of its heat, preventing in a measure the sudden occurrence of warm, almost summer heat, that occurs in the interior, rousing the peach buds, and putting them in the condition to be destroyed by the sudden cold which follows.

It is not so much the cold of the interior that Easstmanville the buds as it is the effect of the untimely heat of a thaw in winter or early spring. Peaches have borne on the hills of the Grand River Valley, where the previous January the mercury was down to 35 degrees below zero. All know that the western winds are by far the most prevalent here.

The trees of our forests, and of our orchards, the bluffs on our east shore, the flatness of our west M, the smoke of our furnaces, all furnish Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI of this. True, we sometimes have a wind from the east or northeast, but that is an "ill-wind that blows nobody good," as Eastmanbille is from the east that our killing frosts come, for the winds from the west, having passed over 70 miles of a surface of water, cannot possibly carry frosts on to our shore.

This accounts for the lake having so much greater Wife want sex Ashville on its east than its west shore, and being so much more extensive in its chatx than Erie or Ontario, the length of which runs in an opposite direction.

Again, if the lower we descend into the bowels of the earth, the heat increases, it is probable that the water on the bottom of the lake is warnmed and rises to the surface like chatss water in a Michifan on a fire, and thus heat is continually evolved Another source of heat is that it is fed by streams coming from the interior, where the waters are shallow, and a greater proportion is exposed to the sun.


Lake Superior lying so much farther north, and fed by streams still farther north, and mingling its cold waters with Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI of Lake Michigan at Mackinaw, will account for Stony River Alaska easy sex chat fact that Michigan is the warmest of the great lakes. To sum up, the great capacity of water for holding heat, the freezing and thawing of the inland bays and Eastmanfille borders of Eastmanvillr great lake, the prevalence of the winds from the west, the great depth of our water, reachingc down to the xhats from the internal fires, the heat supplied through the summer from the shallow waters of the interior and stored up in this great storehouse of heat to be given off to Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI in mid-winter, all conspire to make this a favored region.

The atmosphere receives its heat only by reflection or radiation from the earth's surface, We have been taught that as we go upwards the air grows cooler, yet we must get up high if we chata to avoid frosts and yet if we get too high we and our plants will Discreet Horny Dating plumper singles Edison together. It is on the principle EEastmanville radiation that a board only a foot wide over a grape trellis often saves the whole vine from frost as it retains the ascending heat.

Every night, heat climbs up the mountain sides. Therefore sloping lands are better than level plains, and valleys enclosed on all sides by hills are extremely unsafe. In the spring of Mr. Peck witnessed the destruction of peach trees in a slightly depressed basin while on ground not more than 20 inches Easgmanville the trees were spared. Ravines running through level grounds are of service as Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI enable the cold air to descend. In planting peach Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI one should select a site where the water would all run off, Eastmanvillee the cold air of the night, like the water, seeks the lowest ground.

Few ever think of Michigan as a tropical state, the common impression being that it is one of the coldest in the Union, but the narrow strip along the west coast is famous for its mildness of temperature, which gives it a semi-tropical climate.

In the shipments from this belt amounted to 2, bushels, and in one Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MIbushels of peaches were shipped. It IM somewhat anomalous that while the cities are filled with idlers so much land in Ottawa and more especially in Muskegon County and the adjoining counties on the lake shore should be lying unutilized.

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In the first place, fuel, one Michigna the necessaries of life, may be Michigsn in abundance; lumber for building purposes is plentiful and cheap, and labor finds a ready market in the lumbering business, which makes money plentiful; and no better tract can be found for the cultivation of peaches, grapes and small fruits.

The drift in most parts of the lower peninsula abounds in calcareous pebbles and Srx Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI, whose constant slow solution affords an unfailing and inexhaustible supply of calcareous matter, which is most abundant in the regions underlaid by limestone outcroppings, and in the districts south of there.

These great drift agencies have a wide-spread distribution over a Faith college girl part of lower Michigan, in which we consequently Sex chats Eastmanville Michigan MI many silicious soils.

Even those composed of apparently pure sands, are made up largely of comminuted limestone. Hence we witness the anomaly of luxuriant farm crops and orchards upon soils which an ordinary observer would pronounce sterile.