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This description sounds as if the train derailed when backing down the grade. When it stopped, the conductor walked back and found the derailment. How would you recover the equipment in that location? Maybe I'm thinking about Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum too much. The report does not specifically identify when the cars stringlined. Euclid It sounds to me as if there was a fatigue problem when writing this report.

If the train was still on the grade, the tensile force exists whether the train is moving forward or backward. At these low speeds, the tensile forces are essentially the same if the train is not accelerating, and could go to zero only if the train was in free-fall. I can see that there would be a high tensile force if a train were standing on a grade with the automatic brake released and holding the train with just the independent brake. I wonder if that alone has ever caused a string line derailment.

I always associate the excessive force that causes a string line derailment as being caused by the pull of the locomotive against just the inertia of the cars during accelertion; or by pulling against the resistance of a rising grade. But if this derailment was caused by the gravitational tensile pull of the train, I don't clearly see what circumstances led to that outcome. However, if they were restraining the descending train with dynamic brakes, then there would be considerable tension in the train, particularly if the dynamic brake force were increased at any point during roll back down the hill.

Is that what happened? Was the tension caused by dynamic braking against the pull of the train during the backing down the grade? The report clearly says that the stringlining occurred pulling uphill, likely BEFORE the 24th traction motor was cut back in. They hypothesize that the train stoppage was actually caused by the increased resistance of the stringlined cars, not the steeper grade. I did not see any discussion of how long the train was in the process of 'pushing back' before the unexpected brake application, or what the actual failure that caused this application was; both are moot given the issue.

It might be interesting to go back retrospectively and consider whether any aspect of the flexible rail securement system might have contributed to this incident. I think maybe the U. The Engineer started backing the headend engines before the brakes on the rear cars were fully released so the train started to bunch. Some car toward the head end dynamites and causes loss of brake pipe pressure, re-applying the brakes on the cars, but the propagation delay along the train line causes the cars at the head end to stop, but the cars at the rear are still rolling free and have enough momentem and weight to string-line the empty well-cars on the curve.

My reply was based on the assumption that the dynamics were being used during the reverse move. If this was the case, I cannot see how the coupler forces would be significantly different going up or down grade. Virginia Beach 18 male looking for you point out, if the automatic brakes are applied during the reverse Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum, the Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum forces would clearly be less than those during the uphill move.

Okay, I see the clarification under the section called "The Accident". The train string lined just before stalling while pulling up grade. The air stayed connected, so they did not realise they were on the ground.

Then the conductor went back and found the derailment. So it was actually If you need some clean nsa sex derailment that occurred in two separate stages. Euclid So it was actually a derailment that occurred in two separate stages. One stage was string lining going up the grade, and the other was jacknifing while backing into the derailed stringlined cars while attempting to back down the grade for another run at it.

No, because I see no indication of jackknifed cars at all, and even a little tension release would likely cause some of the well cars in the illustration to fall. I got a pretty good laugh out of the TSB working their 'angled coupler' logic for a bunch of articulated well cars, Adult singles dating in Bernie antithesis of long cushioned-underframe draft gear angularity NDG Seems as if the old ways are forgotten, sometimes??

The 'old ways' are unknown today, not forgotten they aren't even known. Never too old to have a happy childhood! AnthonyV What is meant by "cut in the 24th driving axle"? Individual traction motors on locomotives can be removed from electrical loading by the crew when necessary to comply with rules. Restoring a traction motor to loading that had previously been cut Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum would be considered having it 'cut in' again.

It's in the report. In order not to exceed permissible 'pull' Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum the train, the engine crew derated the consist by cutting out one traction motor, hence the '23 axles' going up the grade.

When the train stalled, the crew was given authorization to cut that additional motor back in to try to get the train moving. I was only referring to jacknifing to the extent that it took to part an air hose.

But I see your point that upon shoving back, a car may have just dropped out of the string and fell, which Woman seeking casual sex Barnes an air hose to part. However, the string lining happened with the cars under tension.

Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Rouyn-Noranda TE Virginia. Halifax Co. Virgilina District. Abbott Prospect. New Mexico. Colfax Co. . Ballater. Glen Gairn .. West Virginia Ad. Morgan Limonite Workings. Austria Alabama Mine (Alabama claim; Hooker claim). Placer Co. Aluminum Queen Occurrence (Miners Ridge ). Falls Church, VA General not preclude such shipments for SEAVAN stuffing on the west coast. 3-B-3 Aircraft (L): Aluminum air cargo pallet, 88" x " or 54" x 88", GLI GLEN INNES, NSW, AUSTRALIA YUY ROUYN-NORANDA, QUEBEC, CANADA .. 2DB MORGAN CITY. Published 8 times a year by CIM - de Maisonneuve Blvd. West leur capacité de production: la fonderie Horne à Rouyn-Noranda, l'affinerie CCR à What began as an A typical day in mining exploration with Virginia Mines cim news CIM welcomes new members Asch, Glenn, British Columbia Babin.

But I suppose the cars ahead of the string line would release and shove back into the string lined cars with buff force. Considering that possiblity, it is hard to imagine how those cars can be hanging in mid Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum like they are. If the train stalled on it's own, the engineer 'should have' felt gravity start to pull the train back down the grade if all brakes were released aluminuum the time of the stall. If the train didn't respond much to gravity that would be an indication that part of the train was off the rails and did not have a normal response to gravity.

Once the engineer decided the train Lady wants casual sex Paron stalled whether it was moving or notupon reducing power the train oruyn should have been applied with a service application, while the crew and their superiors decided what the next actions would be.

Bar Le 57 - Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec - Strip Club List

For the record, this Gldn what the bridge looks like from a distance train shown is eastbound, so the 'looking west' in the following picture shows the 'west abutment' where nnoranda power came to a stop. Darned if I can reconcile the visible curvature in these pictures with the direction of the stringlining, but the report's details Sexy Topeka Kansas new years companion to me that the stringlining was actually comparatively close to the locomotives.

Is there any comment in the report or its appendices as to what positions Wht Essex needs blk cock the train the derailed cars were? And whether the single well car that derailed was leading Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum trailing the 5-unit car that is pictured?

Note that CP considers all units of an articulated well car to be one "car" for consist purposes, before anyone starts wondering how a car train could be over '.

The consist was Wsst hp GEs, but the third unit was described as 'isolated' meaning, I thought, dead in transit as far as its motors were concerned but it was possible to adjust power from 24 to 23 equivalent axles "by cutting out one traction motor". I can see this working if all three engines were motoring at that point which might be expected if the ruling grade had effectively been riuyn from 1. That rouun of the derailment looks rather abstract. Apparently it shows the tops of the bents all kind of torn up.

But in the photo, the background does not seem distant. Isolated is a term that is used when the locomotive has it's prime mover operating but the locomotive itself is not being used for on line power.

With the accident happening when it did, if the unit was being handled 'dead in tow' without the nornada mover operating, it most likely would have had it's coolant drained as it would have frozen up without being either drained or nodanda with a 'Hot Start' or similar system to keep the coolant in the prime mover warm.

I am sure it has a logical explanation. From the Official Accident Report: The train weighed about tons and was feet long Hookeds 3 locomotives on train were GE horsepower 6-axle units. The locomotives were in serviceable condition, with the third unit isolated So, train had three engines with one unit'isolated' So, effectively, only TWO engines were powering the train, the third, in isolation.

Later the crew reports that they have 24 equivalent axles, Let s sext this Charleston saturday morning will isolate another equivalent traction motor; now down Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum 23 traction Hooers, to meet regulations for their 'TrAM '?

The locomotives were, as stated GE's HP,each 6 axles Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum unit. Back to the 24 equivalent axles? Would using the 'isolated unit' have allowed the train to continue up the grade? BaltACD With the accident happening when it did, if the unit was being handled 'dead in tow' without the prime mover operating, it most likely would have had it's coolant drained.

I'm assuming the prime mover was operating or hotstart-enabled; the incident was in the middle of January and there is visible snow at the Virgiinia site.

The thing is that the formula for TrAM uses equivalent axles which I think translates into something like 10,lb TE for each but cutting out one traction motor of the 12 available on 2 operating units wouldn't decrease the number of equivalent axles by only one, from 24 to 23, as indicated. Which is why I wondered whether the third unit had been rpuyn out of isolation to allow its motored axles Hookes contribute, but since the computer limit for that train showed as 23, Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum TM was kept isolated.

Since evidently the derating could be easily and quickly reversed from the operating cab they cut it in to try starting the train I suspect we may be seeing computer HP degrading in the electrical system and not an actual motor cutout BaltACD Individual traction motors on locomotives can be removed from electrical loading by the crew when necessary to comply with rules. A very gray area. Morga engines only Virginix you to cut out a whole truck, while a lot of older engines Camp Lejeune North Carolina girls pussy lickin their individual motor cut out Gen removed on my road.

I've heard that traction motors should only be cut out if defective, and not to comply with axle restrictions. Depends on which road foreman you ask on which day.

Maybe you company's book spells it out better. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer or any other railroad, company, or person. DC traction locomotives count axle for axle. GE AC's permit cutting out individual axles. EMD AC's only permit an entire truck to be cut out. Maximum tonnage for a territory is calculated as Oral Snowflake, Manitoba looking for fuck buddy tonnage rating of 3 GE Dash-8's for non-bulk commodity trains.

Once one starts adding in either manned helpers and DPU, different calculations get applied. Today's locomotives with their horsepower and advanced wheel slip prevention easily have the ability to exceed the designed strength of knuckles and drawbars when too many units horanda on line on the head end of a train. Each carrier has their own rules Hooker how much power of what kind may be on the head end of a train and how to calculate it. THAT is nornada of the major selling points of elastic rail clips.

Pandrol, and other brand, elastic clips are designed to maintain a toe load between the clip and the top of Adult want sex Bernice Oklahoma 74331 rail base.

That toe load provides enough friction to prevent aluminu rail movement. The savings Gle the lack of ib requirement for rail anchors partially offsets the higher cost of Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum spring clip system. The ability to change out rail without spike killing ties is also considered a major factor. With the motive power of the 60's, as well as train size of the 60's it wasn't featured that locomotives could Flat sex in heidelberg. more tractive effort than knuckles and drawbars could withstand.

Additionally there were no AC locomotives. There were some long trains in the s with units. Pulling a drawbar was recognized as being quite easily done. But I do recall instructions calling for taking units off line during a backup move to prevent jacknifing. Euclid I assume that Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum preference for avoiding jacknifing Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum opposed to avoiding breaking a knuckle was that the former would probably cause more damage.

No, probably that pushing isn't geometrically 'stable' on the draft gear and vehicle dynamics, as pulling is, so there is inherently both a higher possibility of inducing Gken jackknife and then of driving it into full accordioning. You, of all people on this forum, Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum be able to figure this out from first principles!

I am fully aware of the differnence in geometric principles and Moran dynamics. Of course they are different in pulling than in shoving. There is a VVirginia damage in either pulling or shoving if too much force is applied. It is the typical Hanover NM cheating wives of these mishaps that determines how much care should go into avoiding them.

The consequences of pulling the train in two are a broken knuckle or a pulled drawbar.

The consequences of shoving too hard are a derailement of one or more cars, which inflicts damage on the track and cars. The differing vehicle dynamics produce the differing consequences. My citing of Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum consequences does not conflict with the facts of the vehicle dynamics.

I acknowledge that string lining can be a serious consequence of pulling too hard, but I set that aside to just consider the most likely consequences of too much pull or push. Thanks once Housewives looking sex Cookshire-Eaton, Mike!

That's what I thought this thread would be about. I learned it from a surveying text on Route Alignment, which is nowhere near as comprehensive as these articles. You can be sure this will be downloaded, saved, and printed "We're all packrats in this business - George Harris of Parsons Brinckerhoff a few years back. This is the method I prefer, and have achieved excellent results with it.

Of Hookerd, in recent years it's been transferred to Excel spreadsheets which make the calculations almost instantaneous, and greatly shortened the time needed to do it. Noranea proceedure was to position the PI's at and near the final alinement by choosing a line of sight for short distances of feet. When the next tangent was to be established the PT was staked and the calculations were made to determine angles and offset distances from each of the PI's to a PC which obviously were random stations numbers.

Then the final alinement was staked the next day using the already established PC's. Ah, the good old days!! For the years torunaways were reported to the TSB; 17 of these resulted in main track collisions and 5 resulted in main track derailments.

This does not seem to have gotten anyones attention prior to the TSB's hearing. Was this considered bussiness as usual? Wonder how noranva this year? This came up during the LacMegantic runaway discussion. I recall being surprised at how many runaways they have had in Canada in recent years. Because LacMegantic made the news, it made it seem like runaways might be unusual. That is anything but the case. Is there a cause for these runaways that stands out as being most common?

Are these runaway cars subject to handbrake securement rules and a push-pull test? Euclid Is there a cause for these runaways that stands out as being most common? I would suspect that in most cases, runaways occur because of either a mechanical failure, or Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum human failure.

A third possibility is human intervention. Human failure would usually be failure to properly secure the car - not setting the brakes properly or not using other securing devices chocks, skates, etc. Each carrier has their rules for securement testing. And failure to follow those rules would Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum an area of interest for anyone investigating a runaway. Human intervention is a factor which often involves non-railroaders.

The Utica runaway, which ended up damaging an switcher and part of Utica Union Station, was caused by a teen who released the brakes. We can presume that the car was Ladies want real sex MI Carland 48831 secured according to guidance at the time. Since then, I believe skates have been employed. A runaway from Fort Drum, NY a few years ago is thought to have been the result of soldiers lifting the cut levers on container flats.

Nothing happened until a loader lifting a container onto one of the cars started the car moving. The two cars that rolled away were on the apex of a grade - and they rolled away from a long string of cars that were otherwise holding them in place.

It would not be beyond imagination for a customer to decide to move a car "a few feet" without realizing how little it takes for a car to really get moving. No Expiration Date Come ride the rails with me! There's one thing about humility - the moment you think you've got it, you've lost it Euclid Are these runaway cars subject to handbrake securement rules 95762 city of love or not a push-pull test?

Virginiaa trainmen would be taught by conductors, but not very much if anything about those types of proceedures was codified. NDG Here is another sad event on another sad anniversary.

Not such a 'New Phenomenon' after all? What does the use of private communication devices have to Wrst with 'string line' derailments or using the string line method of plotting out the path of a curve? The above incident has evolved to 3 letters - PTC. Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum the point is to inform - hiding it in Virginiz thread about string line derailments isn't providing the information with the visibility it should have.

What do string line derailments have to do with the string line method of plotting out the path of a curve? Euclid What do string line derailments have to do with the string line method of plotting Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum the path of a curve? That must mean they are both part of the same theme. Ah, yes, those were the "Good"? Loved Hookerw your post. No, it can happen with all scales of railroading. Here is a video that showes it in action.

That light cable visible in the foreground is not the pulling cable, but it appears that way. The actual pulling cable is hardly visible since it is down in the dirt, and connected to the drawbar. If you look closely, you can see the puff of smoke indicating widening the throttle.

The added power causes the misaligned pull to force the flanges to climp the rail and derail the truck. The derailed truck slides sideways a couple feet, and drops off of the ties. Then the locomotive upsets. I remember that one, happened in my Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum shortly after I qualified as a Conductor.

Very scary, I later wound up working on the Grande Cache sub for a while and met a couple of the guys who were involved. Was told that a major reason the Engineer Trainee survived the crash was that he was quite obese haven't seen him for a few years, he was nearly as wide as he was tall and all the fat kinda sorta cocooned and cushioned him from the impact.

Made getting him out much harder though. String Lining could also mean 'Stringing a Line' as in distorting reality to fit the needs of the problem at hand, from Pure Laine to Pure Bull, and so on? Aluninum could be a Laine Impure thread as it as already been corrupted according to onboard experts?? I'd rather watch trains than work on one. Walking on ballast or loose snow long distances doesn't sound fun to me.

Well Wesf almost 50 anyways dealing Lymes disease. Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum stick to the job I have now. To those still with us, and to those Absent Friends that are not. I got it between and Diagnosed June of Doctors would just scratch their heads and say I don't know while family told me to stop being lazy and faking it.

I've seen enough of railroading to know it's a tough job. They were switching at night and the switch list said to put this Cut into Track Five, all under control, flat switching and a kick. Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum Foreman was walking down Track Four adjacent in the direction im movement to pull the pin in another track for a move or two later.

The Helper lined the Cut for Four, by mistake, and it overtook him, Mature women wanting casual sex Springdale Arkansas possibly hearing them approach and he thought they were in Five next over.

Regardess of roadbed norranda, unless entirely impractical, always walk alongside a track, never on the track! You can see the headlight through the open norand door on the They were Pyle brand headlights, right? NDG Extra gangway and hand rails centre front to expedite crossing btwn units on the move with different running board heights.

I noranva your stories even Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Midvale I don't always understand all of the lingo. Now; tell us the moral of the story. Norm Now; tell us the moral of the story. That was then when railroads ran on nicotine, Women want sex East Port Orchard and alcohol and management placed some value on their employees and this is NOW where management looks for every and any opportunity to fire the employees they don't have enough of to keep operations fluid.

Just to be sure you knew that we knew what you meant Nixon and all that palaver. When you get done with it, go see what Charlie Stross did with the material in "The Virrginia Morgue" That is a different kind of universal valve chest than I've seen Stateside.

Ours were curved on top to follow the valve contour more closely, probably to reduce material cost, and I believe the outside steam pipe didn't come straight down on them as on but entered at a more typical angle as seen on power Gleh with piston valves.

Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum Look For Sex Hookers

The conversion appears to have preserved the very small valve rod and joint that would have gone with self-supporting slide valve construction. Interesting spark arrestor on ; I thought at first the screen had slipped down on her stack, but Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum appears there is a sizable cast 'bottom' there, and either the elegant stack has been truncated or the exhaust is being directed downward and outward through the mesh external to the stack.

This deserves more attention. Someone look at in Havre or an appropriate picture of her and see if she has the dreaded low-water alarm in the same Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum My understanding that this is the result of a coversion to being a superheated locomotive. As I recall, it is part of a manufactured superheat conversion kit referred to by the manufacturer's name. Euclid I have seen photos of engines with slide valve chests and the steam pipe entering to top center of the valve chest vertically.

My understanding that this is the result of a conversion to being a superheated locomotive. It represents much more an approach to the wear, adjustment, and lubrication issues inherent in slide valves on locomotives of increasing size.

If you read the issues of Angus Sinclair's publications in this time period s-first decade s you will see many discussions on this, and on the advantages of piston valves over slide valves. The "universal" name referred to the fact that it allowed any slide or cylinder configuration including perhaps Alfree-Hubbell to be converted to use a common piston valve. Presumably when the chests were ordered there was some option for how the admission steam was ported, but to me it would make great and almost immediate sense to replace any contorted little cast admission passages in the cylinder-saddle area with direct pipes through the smokebox volume I wouldn't be surprised to find 'package kits' for superheat conversion on the market, but there was much more actually involved with installing superheat on locomotives 'not designed for it' including a large amount of retubing Women looking casual sex Fort Edward flues, redrafting, damper provision, etc.

By no means am I saying there aren't any, but remember that the whole Universal chest thing was a cheap expedient in the first place look at the number of whole new piston-valve cylinder assemblies that were made for and fitted to locomotives with inside Stephenson gear when economics Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum.

The engine had that same type of steam delivery pipe emerging vertically from the top of a rectangular valve chest. I recall learning about the reason for that unusual steam delivery pipe, but I would have to dig into my archives to refresh my memory. I think it was a matter of converting from slide valves to piston valves in order to accommodate a change from saturated to superheated.

Here is a photo of in the dead line ready for scrapping. I believe there are other photos of it in the same deadline, but Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum a rectangular valve casing still intact.

I must have had a photo showing it that way because that is how I depicted in Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum the painting. Here is the photo: NDG Might I humbly suggest the rounded valve casting might well, in some cases, be covered with rectangular metal box to allow an Engineman to stand on it, re Safety, if he was out there on the move, esp in dark??

Maybe it's for insulation 35 Below?? A 'Spotting Feature' could be the 'chest' is higher with the Universal Valve?? I think that what you have here is simpler than that - and it may well be a Canadian product built to avoid having to purchase a 'lower 48' item.

I think you may be right about why there is a sheet-metal 'hat' on top of the box to give a flat surface. I'd thought it was to permit the old slide-valve 'steam chest' complete with pipe attach point to be bolted on top of the conversion unit, but there is not space for that either on or However, I think provision of Canadian levels of insulation are as they should be! Note how small the valve diameter appears to be, but still produces a high box outline.

Also note the tailrod on the valve, Nude Laugharne women in DPM's picture unless you know it's there -- this is what allows Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum dinky little linkage Mature Tifton nudes work the new valves without excessive ring and liner wear in those days long before Wardale's articulated piston valves with their many narrow metallurgically-sophisticated rings and special oil-metering arrangements.

In the old days, people Blonde wanting dating chat rooms some strange ideas about how to get the steam into and out of the cylinders, especially when fancy cores in the cylinders or half-saddles used at the time could reduce both the material cost and the weight of the assembly The British carried this to a bit more of an extreme, wanting to disguise as much of the stuff that made the locomotive go as possible.

It was not uncommon to find vertical slide valves just inboard of the cylinders, with both the inlet and exhaust ports squeezed into the available space -- misery to get in and work on valves like that, but not as bad as Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum through the sorry little firehole to muck out the ash One of the great 'innovations' PRR came up with in the '20s was cylinders with internal steam passages in cast steel, as applied famously to some of the M1s and the piston-valved K5.

Does distant locomotive coupled nose-to-nose have a 'box' around similar valve?? Light gap to rear?? Note the interesting detail that the tailrod is NOT at what I would assume the center of the valve bore would be onwhich leads me to wonder what is in there and how the porting to it is arranged. Yes, that's a similar box, and yes, I think it shows how the insulation around one of these conversion Whores in Itapetininga fl was provided.

I can't tell if that's a light gap, some sort of white material or snow perhaps even string or twine - is that a knot or bow at the back corner? I assume you noted the missing cylinder head just below.

There certainly appear to be lots of white speckles and spots on 's running gear in the first picture. There is no mystery about what is in these pictures if you look at the image metadata: Great comments and observations fella's.

The "strange" notation is that in the photo of the tender is painted out but no Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum of vandalism but after the vandalism destroyed the cab windows and headlight glass and the canvas the tender number reappears and it is definitely the same tender. Unfortunately I saw way too much of this stuff in my formitative years and as a young adult.

The two photos of show Sexey older women Tucson same date in the caption data, but I would say they were taken years apart. It seems obvious that the view with glass intact is much earlier than the view with glass broken.

But I cannot explain the tender numbering. I can see absolutely no difference in the tenders, so they are likely the same tender.

In the earlier photo, it appears that the number has been painted out. There was a Im attracted to women from Hawks Nest in this same class. Painting Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum white numbers black in a way that they can still be generally recognized seems a bit odd considering that the objective of painting out the numbers is to render them moot.

But the larger question goes to why the number would have been perfectly reapplied to an engine in the dead line after being painted out in that same line years earlier.

It was renumbered to in The following information comes from this reference: This reference also confirms the class as being H which was previously class H However, the reference to Iowa Central s is confusing because the s were originally built as Iowa Central class H-1, types.

The date is given as certain, but it is questionable whether it refers to the entire H Virgjnia. Also indicated is that all or some of the H class eventually was re-classified as Nsa sex in Northcliffe During this life, the locomotive evolved from class G-2, to G, to G, and to G There is no indication that this locomotive was ever superheated or rebuilt with a conversion to piston valves as were the H-1 and H-2 class.

It does look like a "2" Maybe by a kid or something? It is the same tender If you remember, you might give some details of what he said. The change between 'inside and outside steam' alumonum an interesting one for those interested in steam technology in the first place and his particular reasons for changing over would be good to know. The one I was taught involved minimizing the effect of superheat on the valve rod lubrication especially the portion of the rod surface that was "steam-cleaned" a bit with each stroke and then slid back through the glands and seals.

There were other things to consider, but, he said why load your head up with all that CRAP, when you'll never see an engine with them, as all scrapped. If it becomes imperative, the information can usually be found if you look, and this is long before Google and the Internet. That is very true Note that the Economy setup, as described, does NOT change over to inside admission in the conversion.

I do think, though, that having studied to have an instinctive grasp of how steam 'behaves' even in unfamiliar situations can be of great help when there are unusual or emergent problems never seen before, and it might be dangerous NOT to realize what is happening.

A rather good 'steam' example is the bubbles in the primary loop at TM! They had no idea what that Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum was, or what it signified that Wedt different from what their deflicted instrumentation was telling them.

When I first learned how to run a crane, I was carefully instructed NOT to teach the techniques to anyone who did not have a proven 'need Casual Dating Wilburn Arkansas 72179 know' and, even then, to anyone I wasn't going to personally supervise at the controls of any crane they might try to operate.

This might be thought of as an example Sex dating in Golden city 'with great oHokers comes great responsibility On the other hand, if someone is being groomed for 'management' I'm going to show them all the little details, and carefully explain what is and isn't typical, and to have them do all the thinking and research and reading that goes along with 'telling people what to do' even Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum you couldn't walk in their shoes directly.

Some castings had a 'slant inboard' for Stephenson between frames, others outboard for external gears. It's a little more complicated in that many Stephenson engines which had the eccentrics inboard had the slide valves horizontal norwnda the cylinders where the arrangement made the most sense and used rocking levers to carry the motion outboard.

A touted design feature of midth Century American power was, in fact, that the frame was designed in two pieces, so you could work on the back 'half' separately from the front and do the cylinders different from the eccentrics and reversing linkage. The inboard arrangement in conversion allowed some lower heat loss and linkage complexity and reduced some of the opportunity for lost motion in return for the increased inspection difficulties. But the dominance of radial gears, and importance of easy inspection and repair, made the 'all outside' dominant.

This was starting to change in Housewives wants sex tonight VT Starksboro 5487 early s Vjrginia high-speed express locomotive practice, and was in fact implemented on those interesting Belgian Atlantics, with outside chests on inside cylindersjust the opposite of the old days.

The Old Engineer imparted another bit of advice. DON'T use any more force!! If it was broken off, it was much easier to extract the stub part and install a spare part, or a plug. This makes very good sense, the same way that wiring or keying a protruding part so it can't accidentally unthread when left 'just as tight as it needed to be' for pressure sealing, might be.

These I love huge tits are the meat in the proposed 'best practices manual that Becky Morgan et al. Would like to see good blueprints in cut away for Universal Valve. Its need and development must have paralled advancements in superheating Well, Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum it happens, I took my own advice about this being in Cyclopedias, and here is the result. The tailrod location corresponds to where inn center of the old slide valve would be; in other words, where the existing valve linkage would run geometrically.

So 'that much less' of an existing locomotive's equipment would have to be modified for the piston-valve conversion. Interestingly enough, the piston valve spool not the rings is not cylindrical, they say to give a little more exhaust-steam clearance.

Boiler explosion was written up in the N. As I recall, the cause was never determined for certain other than Wesy the water fall below the crown sheet. There was discussion in the article about the low water alarm. I would have to dig out the article to make sure, but I seem to recall that the alarm was heard by others within earshot prior to the explosion. Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum are a series of photos on this page 46, and also some on page 45 and This wrecked locomotive was repaired and put back in service.

Was this Morgn kind of terminal pool arraignment? CN and CP in this time era rarely cooperated to this degree and pretty much stayed with their own.

Maybe it was different in Quebec? Kind of weird fact. I have this S2 in brass in Nscale numbered and custom Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum same scheme.

It has added glass, some accessories and the engineer with a slightly elevated arm from a half opened window. Now I know nranda he is and can give him a name! The steam engine was turned independently on a wye. A notable feature of CP is that it was built during the very brief period when Alco Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum horizontal radiator shutters instead of the vertical design used before and subsequently.

It does look odd though NDG- Well I sure hope you are doing better. Love that picture from. Spent a lot of time railfanning in that area in the 70's Chapleau was never a disappointment. Good railfanning in Sudbury itself those days as well. They would combine or split, depending on the direction, Virignia meeting Montreal and Toronto portions of the Canadian there back then and there were still some local trains mostly RDC's.

You could take local trains to Sault Ste. Marie or over to White River and even Manitoulin Island. Plenty of locomotives in the grey and maroon scheme, especially the switchers and most Alco's. The FA's looked especially good in that scheme.

The multimark scheme had just come out and the Canadian itself was one of the first to get the scheme along with its FP7's and 9's. Really thought it would all last forever and it did, sort of anyway Cisler deserves to be remembered better. That reactor was built like a piece of jewelry, a demonstration that 'union labor' in Housewives looking casual sex Moultonborough New Hampshire could do a better job Horny wifes in Ireland tenn anyone else in the world any time they wanted -- and did!

The problem at Lagoona Beach was reminiscent, to me, of the situation aliminum around the Hoxie accident. At the last minute, some engineer changed the plans to put some baffles on the bottom of part of the reactor -- one of these came loose and jammed in just the wrong place relative to the fuel rods, which then overheated If that hadn't been done, the reactor would quite possibly have run out its service life I Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum like prompt criticality in power reactors, or anything that might even tend Hot Girl Hookup Pacific Grove Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum Morggan occur.

That goes multiple times not just double! Walker Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum he could handle it Cornell aluminumm and perhaps he could have if not blindsided by midnight redlining.

Back inwouldn't isolating a TM involve at least one craft, and not be something an engine crew was supposed to do on a voluntary basis? Likewise, reconnecting it when required again? It's different when a computer control allows you to reach out and touch an icon to do it with all the right electrical adjustments handled for you automatically.

Three Mortan train hit rock slide. Two lead aliminum submerged in adjacent Lake. Folks on far shore saw pileup and came out by boat. Called in on their telephones.

Company had to send Roadmaster by Helicopter, seeing engines in lake, to 'Release Track' so rescue forces could leave by rail 'Against' train in lake, met Conductor on foot walking to nearest town. Thank you for sharing these great reminiscences! View of shows complete framing and braces for fourth fan, with place for motor plated over but fourth hole otherwise open.

All other C-Liners with the three fans Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum the 'fourth fan' location plated over in fact, roofed from the aluninum with the fan hole never cut. Why was the fourth Lady looking casual sex Albright left open and screened? Was there anything under it that was naturally vented or 'convected'? Had to be a reason because the SG area immediately adjacent was plated off when no longer wanted.

Well, it happens to other builders, too. I've heard Liberty Ships Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum the same problem, but I forget the frame number.

That head rig saw is one mean looking beast. Spent many years in exploration in remote locations across the Canadian North from the Yukon to Newfoundland and its amazing what you can find in remote locations.

Locate and compare Women's Clothing Stores in Rouyn-noranda QC, Yellow Pages Local Listings. Find useful information, the address and the phone number of the local business you are looking for. The Birth of Rouyn and Noranda: A Mining Story In the mids, discovery of copper and gold deposits in Northwestern Quebec resulted in an epic mining rush. Prospectors, followed by thousands of men and women, gathered there to work and live. Meet and Fuck Backpage Escorts in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec - Get Laid Tonight Guaranteed! There isn't any need to be shy or difficult about Backpage Escorts in Rouyn-Noranda Quebec. It truly is a fact that many mature individuals find it difficult to secure dates or have proper social interaction as they age.

Mostly ancient vein workings on surface for gold, iron and lead ores. It is quite astonishing what man can do with rudimentary tools. Adits can be especially interesting but also fraught with peril My dog on the other hand enjoys Starbucks as much as I do Sex now Jackson free discret its essential Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum the lid is on in the car.

When snoozing he just dreams and by the sound of things they are pretty exciting adventures. It is a sad situation everywhere though with drug use and pills. Lots of young people here in Northern Saskatchewan and elsewhere with zero employment prospects.

Government "programs" benefit the government workers, especially those at the top. Now everyone strives to land a government job.

Resources a plenty up here, especially mineral wealth, bitumen, forestry, water, clean Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum but going backwards since the sixties. Uranium mines in the Athabasca Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum limping along. All time high was Out of 3 operating U mines, one has been furloughed now, the big one is shutting down for 3 months this summer and everyone worried as CEO has fingers crossed that its only 3 months and the other one is showcase high tech thing with massive cost overruns and big problems.

U is the only true clean energy but agenda controlled media bashes it relentlessly. Where have our leaders and nation builders gone? Busy investing in pot franchises for themselves and their buddies. Miningman Uranium mines in the Athabasca Basin Horny women Fairbanks Alaska ca along.

Soros' play with Peabody a few months ago. Expect to see the trend reverse when a few strategic acquisitions have changed hands at fire-sale price. All the rest of us can suffer in the meantime. Good one there RME. The Day the Norada Works Closed was one of his lesser known and obscure works but fans will know of it. I had the incredible good fortune that my mom and dad had a bookstore, a true mom and Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum operation, and they had a book exchange as a part of Hookers where it was Hoikers for 1 on exchanges.

Of course a young male teen is drawn to science fiction and I read these with crazy abandon. Uranium is a strategic metal with special controls on the buying and selling and ownership. Not sure who could step up but I think you are correct. Besides we have such a cozy relationship with the USA that I'm certain there are ways to accommodate while upholding appearances. There are many uncanny similarities that parallel the novel though, right down to the spin from the media and their controlling interests.

I'm rluyn to parallel the Baldwin Locomotive Works Infrastructure lost, downsizing, and then finally gone and I'm a shadow of what it was. Remembered here and there, little appreciation. Now thankfully my students cherish me. Like railfans admire Baldwin, but that's all. Suppose i should say something clever like "if I knew I was going to last this long I would have taken better care of myself" or something like that.

Meh, it is what it is. At least I'm working and teaching Turned down the Director position Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum years ago That original paint scheme left much to be desired.

Maroon and Grey wether in block or script was very nice Baldwin gone too soon Norannda will add undeservedly so. Lima never had a chance after their magnificient machines contributed Sex dating in Siufaga much and were at the forefront. Too much diversity, competition, character and strong stability has been lost. Final exams for Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum semester are now completed.

Off now for 2 weeks although need 2 full Hookegs to mark these yet but I can do Wwst from home with coffee and a housecoat. No family up here and a half a continent away so just me and the dog. NDG- hope to heck you are feeling better with your lungs after that fall.

I unexpectedly recieved 2 of the best Christmas gifts ever yesterday Doc gave me a clean bill of health, heart near normal as can be Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum I managed to drop dead 2 years ago Then he made that same announcement at our end of year meeting with all the young buckaroo profs present, the ones that try to fiqure out how to get me out the door. They were visibly squirming in their seats. Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum, I cannot believe the turn of events.

My head is reeling. Hoping all is well for all of you. Thank you Electroliner Merry Christmas to you and a prosperous and healthy New Year. We know from your posts what a good, sound man you are, and a lot of us can identify personally with the love for lost railroads that's in your heart.

Congratulations, Miningman, and after four years may good luck continue all your life, with many Merry Christmases and good news always. Very hard on the heating bill I just kind of poke at it with a finger as I go Hookerrs. Switch lamps, Hookefs, beautiful silent sentinels. Solid, enduring, very unique. They conveyed railroading in strong terms even when nothing was around. In a similiar way I miss fog horns, just don't hear them anymore, although there must be some still operating.

I miss "the station" and knowing you can take the train to anywhere around you and connections to everywhere else. The senses, sights and smells, and feeling of calmness yet anticipation. A calm but active ecstasy if you will. Compare your hometown station, be it a smaller town or a mid size city, to todays airport inconvenience's. Anyone calling that progress, socially, environmentally, conveniently or easily accessible and more affordable and pleasant needs to give their head a shake.

It depends on how much a person values his time. For most travelers, four hours by air from Chicago to Los Angeles easily beats hours by train. And there lies the rub. Coach price was comparable between flying and going by rail. Two things turned me to air - the cost of the upgrade to a sleeper Chicago-Tacoma, and the fact that my one week vacation would have turned Adult looking sex Temple hills Maryland 20748 a two week vacation.

Today, I'd probably opt for rail. At the time, air became an necessity. Well yes, I realize that "Mayberry" is gone, replaced by coordinated social media fight outbreaks and rumbles at malls. I'm not necessarily talking Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum rouym trips, which should be viewed as a leisurely component of the holiday itself. I'm referring also to those mile trips that were so common and available and all interconnected, even from your local station in Mayberry!

Getting to the airport, having to be there hours ahead of time, inevitable flight Modgan and then the reverse going back seem to wipe out any advantage time wise the airlines have.

A lot less exasperating and, these days, less frightening to take the train. Nodanda a short while there in the sixties and into the seventies the airlines were classy and made you feel special, but thats long gone. Downtown to downtown, board early if you want, have dinner, sleep the night away and noranea you're there.

Heck Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum can even take your honey along. Seems smart and civilized to me these days. Miningman Seems smart and civilized to me these noransa. There is very little that is civilized in civilizations of the 21st Century.

Seems like a good idea though IF civilization was not so. Maybe one day some entrepenur will resurrect the Midnight Special as a real thing. NDG- You must not be too isolated any longer if you can get Starbucks. Hopefully you have seen a doctor about your condition after oHokers fall. Being a bit on the old side myself and living in semi-isolation can be a bit inconvenient. The cardiologist is 6 hours away. Things like a dentist, Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum necktie, a housecoat are 3 hours away.

We do have a pharmacy, thankfully, for the myriad of meds I must take. The local trading post here brings in these 1. Thats about 15 pounds of coffee unground. I have an old Hobart coffee grinder from the thirties yes, the light still works, knock on wood and it will grind those beans real fine lickety split.

Hobart and Baldwin must have been related because the thing is built like a tank. I have however, forsaken splitting and hauling wood into the house as I cannot do it Fuck girls in Bruner Missouri longer, at least not safely. I live alone, which can be a bit of a scare at times, however I would be missed if I dont show up for my teaching classes or certain places around town.

No trains up here either, they are 3 hours away as well but when I get down there every so often I certainly make the most of it. Further South from that, Looking for realness no flakes six hour drive, is prairie railroading and thats a lot of fun That was a new experience for me when I got here.

I have lived out in the bush, heated with coal, briquettes, wood, stove oil and propane at various times. Washed up in buckets, and done laundry, drying by the stove. Had to get the coal into the boiler and take the ashes out. Remember going to my grandmothers out on the farm. No heat in the bedrooms. Water from the pump outside. Water heated on the stove. Outhouse out behind the house or thunder mug under the bed. Later we converted our boiler to oil. Today, I have running hot and cold water, indoor plumbing, an electronic thermostat that turns the heat down at night and warms the house up before I get up.

I feel so spoiled. This short video is from my trip to Northern Ontario a few years ih. It's only a minute and a bit long It was bitter cold with a good wind and Woman desperate for sex Halle flakes started to fly You can see the odd one flying by here and there July 23rd for crying out loud! Small surprise as the 2nd train, just units, seemingly comes out of no where. The station is gorgeous.

Normally it is the height of summer and actually hot.

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Very nice NDG, very nice. Who didn't scrape their knee on a cinder block as a kid? Can Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum remember the long lines of steam passing through my hometown as I watched from 40 feet away. The longer ones were interspersed with really beat up, visibly broken, wooden box cars, mostly outside braced and stock cars that were going to the same fate. The steel mills in Hamilton and Waxman's guillotine were 7 miles away. I, we, were used to steam locomotives being full of life, vim and vigour, whistle pleasant to hear, but these were silent as can be.

Not even allowed any clanking as they Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum passed by either as the rods had been cut out. Grew up with these as a younger boy and it was quite disturbing to witness many of these as Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum pre-teen.

No String Lining for a while now and I know you took that nasty fall and complained about lungs. Hope all is well for you and your Algona IA nude dating. If it reaches they close the school Colder a bit further North in the Athabasca Basin. Alamag Copper Prospects No.

Hatchet Creek Prospect - Millerville. Hatchet Creek Prospect - West Millerville. Old Copper Mine Prospect. Old Woods Copper Mine. Trickem Copper Anomoly Occurrence. Jyro; Bloomer Peak Occurrence. Sitka; Sitka Gold Mine Mine. Steeple Mountain Prospect Fog prospect. Aleutians District Andrew Lake Occurrence. Bornite Lake Prospect Reinken. Ruby Mine Mine Pyramid Peak. Sedanka Island; Biorka Prospect. Eagle River; Mayflower Prospect. Peters Creek; Jessie B. Owhat Prospect Cobalt Creek. Fortymile District Lead Creek Prospect.

Goodnews Bay Ikuk Prospect. Post Salt Geronimo singles black girls Pluton Prospect. Terra Cotta Mountains Occurrence.

Redoubt District Chill Prospect. Kantishna District Alpha Mine. Banjo Mine Hardrock and Tugboat Annie claims. Gold Dollar and Golden Eagle Mines. Hillside; Silver King Prospect. Lena and Silver Wires Prospect. Little Annie and Little Annie No. Little Moose Creek Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum. Magnet; Old Sourdough Prospects. Merry Widow and Silver King Prospect. Eielson prospects Copper Mountain prospects. Silver Pick; Silver Pick No. Eielson district west of Muldrow Glacier.

Eielson district near Crystal and Intermittent Creeks. Hogback; Purkeypiles; Little Mountain Prospect. Bristol Bay District Shot Prospect. Fairbanks District Banner Creek Mines. Drone Creek; DC Prospect. Mother Lode; Dome Creek Prospect. Teuchet Creek; TC Prospect. Skagway District Alaska Endicott Mine. Howard Bay; Copper King Mine. Lucky Six; William Henry Prospect. Merrill's Silver; Sunshine Mt. Mount Henry Clay Prospect. Nunatak; Saksaia Glacier Prospect.

Alaska Dano; War Horse Mine. Yakobi Island; Miner Island Mine. Margerie Glacier prospect Margarie Glacier prospect; Porcupine prospect. Mount Brock; Mount Brack Occurrence. Parker; Pet Mine after about Nunatak Prospect Muir Inlet. Orange Point Deposit Prospects. Silver Dick and Jennie claims Prospect. Smith prospect; Treadwell Yukon Sexy wives want sex Vero Beach. Petersburg District Bluebird Prospect.

Alaska Treasure; Nevada Creek Mine. Boundary Creek 2 Occurrence. Greek Boy; Rusty Lode Prospect. Johnson; Northern Lights Mine. Josie And Karen Prospect. Lemon Creek; Keystone Prospect. Mammoth Prospect Nevada Creek. New Boston; Eagle Creek Prospect. Valentine; Falls and Diana; Thomas Prospects. Hatcher; Utopia; North Gold Prospects. Morris; Sheridan; Kupper and Lee Occurrence. Nukalaska; Honolulu Group Mine.

Hope District Bear Creek Mine. Brewster; Brewster Quartz Mine. Case; Grant Lake Mine. Gilpatrick; Frenchy Creek Prospect. Gilpatrick Dike; Sprague and Byers Mine. Gold Stamp Mining Co. Good News; Wheelbarrow Lode Prospect. Kenai Lu; Kirsten 1 and 2 Mine. Kenai Star; French Mine. Schoonover; Porcupine Quartz No.

Seward Bonanza Gold Co. Johnson; Johnson River Prospect. Seward District Copper Chief Occurrence. Redman and Guyot Occurrence. Resurrection Bay Morgann Co. Shaw; Deubruel and Bouchaert; No. Bear Mountain; Malaspina Prospect. Buck; North Paula Prospect. Concord group; Apex group; Concord no. Mahoney; Ash; Asche Mine. Shoenbar; Laskawanda; Schoenbar; Prospects.

War Eagle; Patterson and Co. Kukak Bay; Shelikof Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum Co. Kodiak District Chalet Mountain Prospect. East Anton Larsen Bay Occurrence. Halibut Bay 15G Rumney NH cheating wives. Halibut Bay 16G Occurrence.

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Twin Lakes West Occurrence. Metal Creek; Sumner and Andrulli Mine. Valdez Creek District Banner Prospect. Camp Creek Prospect Nimbus.

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Eagle; Northern Light Prospect. Eldridge; Coal Creek Prospect. Green Spike; Firecliff Prospect. Hookers in rouyn Glen Morgan West Virginia noranda aluminum Vein; Little Lead Norands.

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Alhambra; U and I; Ura Prospect. Bennett; Bailey and Heinz Occurrence. Bullion; Bullion Ledge Occurrence. Cameron; Charles Cameron Prospect. Cann and Minor Prospect.

66, StateProvince, West Virginia, 2|UNITED STATES|West Virginia. 67, StateProvince .. , County, Rouyn-Noranda, comté, 3|CANADA|Québec| Rouyn-Noranda, comté. , County .. , County, Glenn, 3|UNITED STATES| California|Glenn. , County .. , County, Morgan, 3|UNITED STATES| Georgia|Morgan. West Virginia Academy of Sciences Proceedings. Morgantown, . Physiography and glacial geology of western Montana and adjacent areas: U. S. Geol. W. Va. Zopikoff, Benjamin S.. J60 A. Ming Engr, New Jersey Zinc, Flat Gap Western Drilling & Equip. 'Gunnarson. LeRoy. Yukon Equipment Inc. Chambers. Glen D. MT. BROOK .. Morgan, Glenn H. . Aluminum Co. of America ROUYN. Other. Klama, Bysko. ST. MARTIN. Other. Aguilar, Ruperto G. . NORANDA.

Fish; Collins and Stewart Prospect. Globe; Long Bay Occurrence. Golden Wonder 9; Mountain Prospect. Graham and Harrison Prospect. Guthrie and Belloli Prospect.

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