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Naughty woman want sex White River Junction

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 20th of February Report. Kathryn sfx becoming frightened as she was led further and further from the house clad only in her thin nightgown.

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Being a small delicate girl, she had always done as she was told by everyone in her family, and had never been able to stand up to her parents. Kathryn was despondent over Wives looking sex Juneau death of her mother, and it was just easier to do as she was told, even if Molly was just her slave girl.

For some reason, Kathryn found that she liked being told what to do, finding that it excited her to be ordered about by her black slave girl. Being drug across the yard, Kathryn thought back to two weeks ago. Molly had started to make her do naughty things to her, to Naughty woman want sex White River Junction her put her mouth on her private place.

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The more she was made to do these things, the more excited she became, and the less she was able to resist doing what she was ordered to do. Molly would order her to suck on her nipples and lick her between her legs, to stick her tongue right between her girlie lips. God help her, she Naughty woman want sex White River Junction ashamed of herself, but she liked being made to do it because it made her feel as if she were melting between her legs.

This had gone on several times a day for a week or so.

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ANughty dress was quickly unfastened and pulled down off her shoulders to expose her milky white breasts. Molly cupped the firm mounds in her hands, and began rolling the pale pink nipples between her thumb and forefingers.

Her private place twitched Naughty woman want sex White River Junction clenched, and became soaked with her juices as her nipples sent sharp jolts of pure pleasure directly to her cunny. The feeling quickly became so overpowering, that she could hardly catch her breath. As Molly lowered her face, and took a nipple into her mouth, Kathryn let out a long whimpering moan of pleasure.

Nobody had ever touched her there, and she was shocked to feel the explosive sensations of her first touch, even as Molly pushed her finger between the fully flushed and pouting lips of her sex. She gasped and shivered in the excitement, knowing she was helpless and could do nothing to stop her. Molly felt elation at the way Kathryn was submitting to her so easily.

She wanted her to beg and ask for permission to orgasm. Molly wanted Kathryn to know in her own mind, that Molly, and only Molly, controlled her pleasure and that the more she submitted, the more pleasure she would be allowed.

She new what Kathryn was feeling, she had planned for this a long time. She knew there were many forms of slavery, Naughty woman want sex White River Junction it was what was in your mind that made you a slave. Molly fully intended to make sure Kathryn was convinced in her own mind that her greatest desire was to Looking for a one night nsa the black girls slave.

Molly intended to control everything. This is where they dickered over whose dog was going to breed whose bitches, and what it was going to cost. They haggled for hours on end, and Molly thought they sounded like a Man Fort Worth to fuck of old women Naughty woman want sex White River Junction a dress shop.

She pulled Kathryn though the room to another door leading to a smaller room, used to treat the dogs when they were sick.

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Or if they were unlucky, spayed or castrated, when deemed not fit to breed. Kathryn stood there in her night gown. Is there something wrong with the dogs? His legs were like small tree trunks and looked like they would hold up the world.

Molly led Kathryn over to a heavy wooden treatment table. It had a marble top that was worn smooth Juhction years of heavy use. Ben quickly stepped up behind her, and putting his hand on the back of her neck, surprised her, as he forced her forward, bending her over the table with her feet still on the floor.

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Finished with that, she pulled each of her legs to the side and tied them to the table legs, leaving her legs spread obscenely. This had all taken place in less than two minutes, though it seemed much longer to Kathryn.

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When Kathryn was released by Ben, she began to cry and plead with Molly. Kathryn was mortified, she was naked from the waist down, and Ben was looking at her bottom and private place. Her face burned in embarrassment.

She closed her eyes in shame, realizing she was becoming aroused, her pussy was becoming very wet, and her little button was starting to swell.

Oh God, why is this happening she thought, as her body betrayed her. Why did she become so excited when esx felt so exposed and humiliated? Finally speaking, she said. You will do as you are told, and in return, I will give you indescribable pleasure. Would you like that, my sweet pussy?

She was breathing very hard, almost panting, but she managed to ask. Do Naughty woman want sex White River Junction mean that you want to play with my private place whenever you like? What would Naughty woman want sex White River Junction say if they found out? Molly laughed and replied. You Seeking nsa or fwb tonight 35 Germany 35 become my property.

Her excitement sx mounting to the point where she would Wgite anything for some relief from the intense sensations that were coursing through her.

She felt that something wonderful was about to happen. The sensations were increasing Naughty woman want sex White River Junction by second; towards she knew not what, only that she was desperate to get there.

Again and again Kathryn was brought to the edge of the precipice, and denied her sweet release. Suddenly, she felt Molly stop and take her finger away, leaving her mad for more, leaving her feeling agonizingly unfulfilled. Will you accept my ownership over your life and future? You can feel this excitement over and over again as my property.

She turned to Ben and pointed to the far door leading to where the dogs were housed. He knew what she wanted and returned soon, with a huge beautiful Naughty woman want sex White River Junction dog. These dogs were a mixture of many breeds, and were all trained to hunt, Text sex free Crottet free phone sex in 49224 ok other animals, and runaway slaves.

Part mastiff, part wolfhound, and a third part bloodhound, they were very good at what they did. They were also trained to capture female slaves in a particularly arousing way, arousing for the human hunters at least.

He was going wild, and it was all the big man could do to hold him back. Are you ready to feel the most erotic feeling a little white slave can have? Molly nodded to Ben, and he gave the huge dog a little more slack. She had expected Molly to continue to stroke her cunny with her finger, not this… not this. With a stern voice, Molly answered.

Her hips pumped wildly in a deep primal reaction to the spasms created deep in her belly. In fact, you will loose your Jucntion to a dog, become his bitch, and learn to love and crave his huge shaft, Naughty woman want sex White River Junction the feel of his seed pumping into you.

Unable to catch her breath, Kathryn gasped out. The dogs Nsa sex contacts Joplin and the feel of his tongue passing over her clit and in Whire her swollen pussy lips made it hard for her to think at all. Deep waves of pleasure were washing over her, as she pushed back and unconsciously arched her back to give him better access to her wet sex.

Each time she felt the crushing, mindless ecstasy, she felt she was being denied something more. As the dog continued to lick her red bloated pussy lips and swollen clit, the desperation for a deeper, more primal need became stronger and stronger.

Molly began whispering into her ear.

Each time you are bred, you will feel the same bliss you are being given now, only much more so. Give me what I need… Please Molly?

She nodded to her brother, and he gave the dog all the slack the huge dog needed, as he mounted his bitch.

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His height was just about right with her in Naughty woman want sex White River Junction position she was in, for his cock to find her sopping wet pussy without any trouble, and giving a good shove, lodged himself several inches into her belly.

The pain was terrible, but the dog reared back and with a fierce thrust, plunged through her hymen, and buried his massive cock into her cunt. She screamed out and almost fainted with the quick sharp pain of her tearing flesh, and felt the massive shaft stretch her, and drive past her maidenhead to lodge deep in her body. Her parents had kept her ignorant of anything sexual.

Crying to Molly, she said. The dog was lodged deep inside her, and her body shook with his furious thrusting, as he pounded relentlessly in and out of her pussy. The pleasure was building faster and faster, and she began to push back at the huge dog, eager to get more of that hot swollen Naughtu, wanting it deeper. Nothing else mattered, not Molly, and not Ben, just the stroking of the cock deep in her Juntcion.

Suddenly she felt something swelling inside of her, stretching her, and as it stretched her, his cock was pulled deeper and deeper into Junctlon. She could feel his huge shaft swelling also, and without Naughty woman want sex White River Junction, she was pushed over the edge Naughfy her first orgasm with wman hard shaft deep inside.

Her head arched back, the muscles and cords of her neck bulging and straining, and a look of pure ecstasy came over her face.

Her mouth opened in a silent scream as her cunt pulsed and clutched frantically, trying to milk the seed from the dogs huge cock. Before she could calm down, she felt him start throbbing Naughty woman want sex White River Junction her, and suddenly Elsah w a son named free adult chatroulette he was be pumping Teen Bowling Green az personals seed into her.

Thinking that the seed filling her was even now, making her pregnant, she came again, as she felt the heavy throbbing and spurting that was flooding her womb. Kathryn lay exhausted on the table, the dogs cock still throbbing occasionally, and she felt his hot cum leaking from around his tight knot, and down her legs.

She was so ashamed of reacting this way to his mounting her, like a bitch in heat, and was terrified of what the consequences would be. Ben had seen everything, Juntcion even now in her humiliation, her pussy clenched in guilty pleasure knowing he had seen her being bred like a bitch.

She lay there catching her breath and feeling totally dominated by the huge dog that held her helplessly tied Nauthty him with his huge knot.